Apple Says It Now Supports 2.4 Million Jobs in the USA

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Maccor is one of 9,000 American suppliers that Apple spent a collective $60 billion dollars with in 2018, which supports 450,000 jobs.

Apple has announced this afternoon its U.S. job footprint has reached 2.4 million, across all 50 states in the country, a number that has increased four times since 2011. The company is on pace to contribute $350 billion to the U.S. economy by 2023, it says.

Today’s press release detailed how one of its suppliers, a battery testing systems company named Maccor, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is directly affected by Apple’s investments in the country. Apple says “rigorous quality and performance testing helps ensure the batteries found in Apple products are safe and durable.”

“The relationship with Apple has been tremendous and company-changing for us,” says Maccor president Andy MacKay. “We want to build the absolute best equipment we can build — we don’t want to cut corners. Apple is a company where quality is paramount and they push us constantly to see if we can make improvements in our commercial product.”

Apple says its reach also plays a major part in the “booming app economy”, where it is responsible for 1.9 million American jobs, a jump of 325,000 in the past 2.5 years. States such as Pennsylvania saw a 64% growth increase, seeing 67,000 jobs, up from 40,800 in 2016.

Apple says it employs 90,000 employees across all states in the U.S., with 20,000 additional jobs expected by 2023. New office and R&D expansions will see 1,200 jobs created in San Diego, plus 2,000 new engineers in Seattle.