Apple 2010 Year in Review Made by 15 Year Old Teenager

2010 has been a phenomenal year for Apple. The iPad has been a colossal hit worldwide, along with the iPhone 4. To summarize Apple’s achievements in 2010, 15 year old Kelvin Choi produced a short video timeline of significant events.

Inspired by the Google Zeitgeist 2010 Video, I made this video, a very quick and short summary of what Apple did and achieved in 2010. I used Apple’s Press Info Library as my main research place, but I also referenced other websites and blogs. Photos are taken mainly from Some photos are from other websites. Enjoy!

Made on a Mac with Final Cut Studio

With 2010 coming to a close, we can expect more greatness from Apple in 2011. OS X Lion is coming our away, and likely an iPad and iPhone refresh. I look forward to more magic in the new year.

[tszheichoi via iClarified]