Apple’s 2TB iCloud Storage Sees 50% Price Cut, 1TB Plans Get Free Upgrade

Apple yesterday quietly announced a change to iCloud storage pricing, as the company eliminated its 1TB option, while slashing the price of its 2TB option by 50% to $12.99, which was the price of the former.

Also, Apple says those customers who had purchased a 1TB plan prior to June 5, 2017, will get a free automatic upgrade to the 2TB plan:

If you purchased a 1TB monthly plan before June 5, 2017, your account was upgraded automatically to a 2TB monthly plan.

Here’s what the old pricing scheme for Canada looked like as of May 24, 2017:

  • 1TB: $12.99
  • 2TB: 25.99

Icloud storage old

…and the new pricing updated yesterday:

  • 1TB: n/a (#peaceout)
  • 2TB: $12.99

Icloud storage new

The 50GB option remains at $1.29 CAD per month, so the 2TB plan at $12.99 looks like a much better deal for family and heavy users. With Apple, it’s all about choices, baby. The 2TB storage option launched last fall ahead of the company’s iPhone 7 event.

TechCrunch says the 200GB and 2TB options will soon be allowed to share with families once iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra are released this fall.

How to save 20% off your iCloud storage plan? Fund your Apple account with iTunes gift cards when they are 20% off at Costco. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated when the next sale is available.