Apple Developing 5G-Enabled iPad Pro Claims DigiTimes

Citing industry sources familiar with Apple’s plans, a report by DigiTimes is claiming that the Cupertino tech giant is developing a 5G-enabled iPad with mmWave support. As noted by MacRumors, although the source does not specify the iPad model, it is almost certain that 5G support would first come to the iPad Pro.


For those who aren’t familiar, mmWave is a set of 5G frequencies that offer ultra-fast speeds at short distances, making it best suited for dense urban areas. In comparison, sub-6GHz 5G is slower than mmWave, although the signals travel further and better serve suburban and rural areas. 

The Taiwanese publication adds that Advanced Semiconductor Engineering will be supplying antenna-in-package technology for the 5G iPad, in addition to the 5G iPhones.


The source, however, does not mention when the 5G iPad would be released even though the first 5G-enabled iPhones are expected to debut later this year.