Apple Abandons ‘App Store’ Lawsuit with Amazon, Agrees Not to Sue

According to Reuters, Apple has ended their lawsuit with Amazon over the term “app store”, ending the case and allowing the latter to use the term freely, without repercussions of being sued in the future.

“We no longer see a need to pursue our case,” Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said. “With more than 900,000 apps and 50 billion downloads, customers know where they can purchase their favorite apps.”

Martin Glick, a lawyer for Amazon, said in an interview, “This was a decision by Apple to unilaterally abandon the case, and leave Amazon free to use ‘appstore.'”

Apple first launched the lawsuit against Amazon back in the spring of 2011, citing the latter’s usage of the term would “confuse and mislead customers.” It appears Apple now feels confident everyone knows the only ‘App Store’ belongs to them. Just yesterday, the company celebrated five years of the App Store and gave way top apps for free. The timing of this case dismissal by Apple is uncanny.