Apple Acknowledges iTunes Music Deletion Bug, Says ‘Safeguards’ Coming Next Week


Yesterday, Apple acknowledged iTunes users who claim the software deleted their music files, saying it will issue an update to iTunes next week that includes additional safeguards.

The company confirmed, in a statement given to iMore, that “in an extremely small number of cases, users have reported that music files saved on their computer were removed without their permission.” However, Apple was unable to reproduce the bug in their own tests, indicating they don’t really know what’s going on here.

The issue, which has persisted since the launch of Apple Music last year, resurfaced when iTunes user James Pinkstone published a blog post last week titled, “Apple Music stole my music. No, seriously.” The post detailed how Pinkstone’s library of 122GB of music suddenly disappeared.

He allegedly told an Apple representative that his files were deleted without his permission when he signed up for Apple Music. Pinkstone says the Apple representative told him Apple Music replaced his songs with cloud-based versions from its digital collection, deleting the originals in the process.

We still don’t know what’s causing the problem, as it doesn’t appear to be simply user error or oversight. iMore notes how the bug could originate with Apple’s confusing Cloud Music Library feature.