Apple Adds “Gift This App” Feature in App Store

Apple has added a new feature to the App Store. Called “Gift This App”, it will allow you to purchase apps for your family and friends. Here’s how you ‘gift an app” to your friends:

1. Open up iTunes. Navigate to the App Store. Click on any paid app.
2. Click the down next to the price and go to “Gift This App”
3. You’ll be taken to the following screen which you need to fill out:

Here’s a description of the process screen:

Please select how you would like to gift delivered. You can send the gift via email or you can print the gift using your own printer. If you select Print Gift Myself as your delivery method, you will not be able to print the same Gift to multiple recipients. You will have the option to Gift the same item again to a different recipient, however, once the Gift has been purchased. After selecting the method of delivery, please fill out the recipient information and click Continue. The maximum number of characters allowed int he Personal Message field is 500.

You will be able to review your order and make any necessary changes before sending or printing. Your credit card or payment account will be charged when you click the Buy Gift button on the next page (iTunes Store credit cannot be used to purchase a gift). You will receive a confirmation email receipt of purchase and the gift will be emailed to the recipient’s email address(es) you provide in the Recipient’s Email field.

Gifts can only be redeemed in the store country from which they were originated.

Could this be a response by Apple to all those people who bought iTunes gift cards but couldn’t buy Apps?!

Either way, this feature will be handy for parents buying ‘gifts’ for their kids. Or, how about that perfect birthday present for your friends that use iPhones? 99 cents will go a long way! Nothing says “I love you” more than the gift of a premium ‘fart’ app, right?

Will you be using the “Gift This App” feature?