Apple Teams Up with Insurance Giant Aetna for New iPhone, Apple Watch App

US-based medical insurance firm Aetna and Apple have teamed up for a new iOS app called ‘Attain’, that provides rewards to members who engage in healthy behaviours, such as getting regular exercise and more hours of sleep. The app will be released later this year for both the iPhone and the Apple Watch (via CNBC).


The upcoming app, which the two companies have been working on since 2016, also provides enrolled Aetna members with reminders like getting an annual flu shot or taking their medication on time. Users who aren’t signed up with Aetna can also earn rewards, including a free Apple Watch, through other wellness programs.

Users who enroll with Aetna but don’t already have an Apple Watch will receive a Series 3 device from Aetna with the option to pay out of pocket for an upgrade to the latest series 4. They can then “earn” back the price of the device over the next two years by meeting fitness goals.

“Alternatively, points can be used to redeem things like corporate gift cards. Those who stop participating may be required to pay a portion of the Apple Watch out-of-pocket. But Aetna said that members can notify its customer service team if they have a health issue, such as a surgery or pregnancy, that might prevent them from meeting their goals.”

The program is voluntary and is eligible to Aetna members with an iPhone 5s or later. You can get more information at this link.

In Canada, Canadians can get rewards from the Manulife Vitality program, which integrates with Apple Watch.