Apple Reportedly Pushes Back ‘AirPods Pro Lite’ Production

Last week, DigiTimes reported that Apple is working with its supply chain partners on a handful of new products, including a new ‘AirPods Pro Lite’ earphones model, although the publication did not give out many details about them beyond this.

Airpods 1

Today, the Taiwanese publication is claiming that Apple’s upcoming AirPods Pro Lite or the “entry-level version of Apple’s AirPods Pro series” were initially slated to go into production in Q2 this year. However, industry sources are now reporting that Apple seems to have pushed back its production schedule for the AirPods Pro Lite (via MacRumors).

“Production of the ?AirPods Pro? Lite, an entry-level version of Apple’s ?AirPods Pro? series, is unlikely to kick off in the second quarter as originally planned, according to industry sources.”

Once again, no further information such as the estimated price or approximate release date of the AirPods Pro Lite, has yet been revealed.