Apple and Samsung CEOs Talk But Fail to Reach Trial Settlement

Earlier today, Judge Koh of the Apple vs Samsung trial urged both company CEOs to have one last telephone conversation prior to the jury’s deliberation this week. According to Reuters, it appears the CEOs did talk but trial settlements failed to materialize:

Top executives from both companies had participated in mediation with a U.S. magistrate judge before trial, but Koh asked them to explore settlement once again.

“I see risks here for both sides,” Koh said last week.

Closing arguments are scheduled for Tuesday. In court on Monday, Samsung attorney Kevin Johnson told Koh nothing had come from the talk.

“We will see you tomorrow,” Johnson said.

Just yesterday we saw the proposed jury verdict forms submitted by Apple and Samsung, that consisted of a series of complex questions. It appears the jury will decide the outcome of this trial.

With the amount of time and effort spent on the trial by both parties, settling at this point appears to be a moot point. Time to grab the popcorn and continue to enjoy the show, folks.