Apple And Samsung Sale Numbers Revealed In Court Filing

With the Apple vs Samsung court case remaining quiet most of this past week, we finally have some interesting data to share. We may not have those fun prototype shots, but we do have some sale figures.

During yesterday’s court pleading Samsung revealed sale figures for both companies. Unfortunately they are sale figures of what each phone and tablet sold in the United States, our sources say Canada isn’t included. But nevertheless, the figures give us a great idea of how well certain devices may sell in certain countries.

First off, we are going to begin with Samsung’s sale figures. AllThingsD has that information:

From June 2010 through June 2012, Samsung sold 21.25 million phones, generating $7.5 billion in revenue. On the tablet side, the company sold 1.4 million Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices, producing $644 million in revenue.

When you break it down on a phone-to-phone basis, the Galaxy Prevail leads with 2.25 million sales. Just behind is the Epic 4G with 1.89 million devices sold.

As for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, AllThingsD once again has the report:

From 2007 through the second quarter of 2012, Apple sold a total of 85 million iPhones in the U.S., worth a total of $50 billion in revenue, along with 46 million iPod touches producing roughly $10.3 billion in revenue. From its 2010 launch, Apple sold 34 million iPads, generating $19 billion in revenue.

Along with those numbers, the iPhone averaged nearly $590 in revenue for each device sold. The iPad, very surprisingly averaged only $560 per device, ultimately proving many people went for the low-end Wi-Fi model.

Were you surprised that the U.S. only contributed towards 85 million of the total263 million iPhones sold?

[via 9To5Mac]