Apple Appeals U.S. Judge’s Verdict to Deny a Sales Ban on Samsung Devices


According to a report from The New York Times, Apple will be heading back to court to appeal a U.S. judge’s decision that denied its request for a sales ban on Samsung devices.

In a statement explaining the reasons for her original decision, Koh said:

Apple has not satisfied its burden of demonstrating irreparable harm and linking that harm to Samsung’s exploitation of any of Apple’s three infringed patents. Apple has not established that it suffered significant harm in the form of either lost sales or reputational injury. Moreover, Apple has not shown that it suffered any of these alleged harms because Samsung infringed Apple’s patents.

In May, a jury decided that Samsung infringed on three Apple patents and awarded the Cupertino-based company $119.6 in damages. 

In the trial, which wrapped up in May, jurors concluded that Samsung should pay $119.6 million in damages for violating three of Apple’s patents — far below the $2 billion that Apple had asked for. Samsung’s Galaxy S III, a flagship smartphone, accounted for the biggest portion, contributing $52 million worth of the damages.

Earlier this week the company went back to court asking for the $2 billion in damages it was originally looking for, as well as a sales ban of all Samsung devices that infringed on their patents.

Today, Apple filed its appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit after U.S. Federal Judge Lucy Koh, has decided she will allow Apple to appeal the decision.

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