Apple Arcade’s Skate City v1.9 Update Brings Over 30 New Items to Unlock

Skate City was one of the first games to arrive on Apple Arcade when the monthly gaming subscription service made its debut in Canada last year for $5.99 CAD per month. The game was also featured in Apple’s ads highlighting some of the best games available on the platform.

Skate city

Today, Skate City has been updated to version 1.9 which brings over 30 new items to unlock in the Skate Shop so players can hit the streets with a style that suits their mood. The visual artists behind these new designs are Gina Kiel, Eloise Dörr, Lauren Mowat, Patrick Sison, James D. Try, Shae Humphries, John Soleas, and Owais Akhtar.

“These deck designs are inspired by melding my childhood of skateboarding, my student life as a fan of Snowman, and my adult life as a Producer,” said Owais Akhtar who is also a part of the Snowman team and a Junior Producer at the studio.

John Soleas adds, “Skate City does a beautiful job of converting the stark beauty of urban sprawl into a skateboarding playground. As an illustrator, I am constantly exploring the intersection between the viscerally human and the cold compartmentalization of machinery. What better way to show this than with some broken bones and the raw mechanical workings of an engine.”

Developers say they’ve got even more in store for their fans over the coming months as part of their Skate City summer series.

You can find out more about skate City on Apple Arcade.