Apple Asks Developers To Submit Larger, iOS 7 Optimized App Icons

Ahead of Apple’s presumed iOS 7 launch at the next month’s iPhone 5S launch event, it seems that the company is asking app developers to submit larger, iOS 7 optimized app icons. As 9to5Mac notes, the Home screen icons have been slightly enlarged in iOS 7 as compared to the iOS 6 icons. App icons which have not been optimized for iOS 7, have a small white border not found in Apple’s stock icons (see Spotify icon below).


Developers are therefore required to include larger icons in their applications. iOS 6 icons on the iPhone have 114 x 114 pixel resolution, while iOS 7 icons are slightly larger at 120 x 120 pixel resolution. Similarly for the iPad, iOS 6 icons are at resolution of 144 x 144, and on iOS 7 they come in at a resolution of 152 x 152. Below is Apple’s email to a developer telling them they have incorrectly submitted smaller app icons, and now need to submit larger icons optimized for iOS 7.

Screen shot 2013 08 30 at 12 25 27 pm

While Apple does not explicitly mention iOS 7 in the email, the resolutions match iOS 7’s requirements. It shouldn’t be long before Apple makes this a mandatory requirement for new app submissions.