Apple Exploring New Camera Lens Attachment System for iOS Devices

Apple’s latest patent application for camera accessories suggests that the company is exploring new camera lens attachment methods and mechanisms for iOS devices. According to PatentlyApple, the cover graphic (shown below) used in Apple’s filing shows the new camera lens attachment on what seems to be an iPod touch.

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The invention primarily relates to attachment mechanisms used to ‘attach an accessory device to an electronic device’. Apple details that the attachment mechanisms may be configured to couple accessory devices, such as camera lens devices to an electronic device i.e a lens may be coupled to the exterior of an electronic device with “first and second attachment mechanisms”.

The attachment mechanisms may be released from the secured configuration by rotating the first attachment mechanism relative to the second attachment mechanism in the opposite direction.

A first attachment mechanism may include bayonets that collectively define and surround an aperture. The bayonets may be received in a body, and a compliance member such as an elastomeric ring may be positioned between the body and an outer wall defined by each of the bayonets. The compliance member may thus compress the bayonets into engagement with one another.
A second attachment mechanism configured to couple to the first attachment mechanism may include stationary bayonets extending from a base. The aperture defined by the bayonets may be configured to receive the second attachment mechanism axially therethrough. Once the first and second attachment mechanisms are joined in this manner, they may be rotated relative to one another.

Apple adds that attaching a camera lens accessory to an iOS device’s backside camera may add optical zoom functionality, wide angle capability or filters etc.