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Apple Campus 2 Looks Incredible in This Detailed 3D Render Fly Over [VIDEO]

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Construction on Apple’s new Campus 2 project is well underway and expected to open by 2016. Apple has widely made still renders of the new ‘spaceship’ project and has also detailed how it was designed in a promo video to the City of Cupertino.

Now, 3D rendering firm Technology Integration Services has created (via AppleInsider) a pretty neat fly over of the Campus 2 project, compiled based on public details of the new headquarters.

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In the video below, we see just how much foliage and natural green space the new project will entail and also how it blends in well with the surrounding neighbourhood.

Check it out below:

When completed, Apple Campus 2 will be able to accommodate 12,000 employees and will be a lasting legacy to the late Steve Jobs, who first presented the project to Cupertino City Council back in the summer of 2011.

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