Apple Canada Black Friday Sale Now Live!

Yesterday we posted about Apple Canada’s Black Friday teaser poster, and how Apple USA revealed their sale prices. Canadians can now rejoice as Apple Canada’s Black Friday sale is now live.

Here’s what’s on sale, the notable items (there’s more on the website)

  • iMac/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air: Save $101
  • iPod nano: Save $21
  • iPod touch: Save up to $41
  • iPad: Save $51 (Apple USA: $41 discount, but their prices start at $499)
  • Apple TV: no sale (boo)
  • iLife: no sale, but Best Buy selling for $35
  • Airport Extreme/Express: Save $11

The discounts are similar to the 2009 Apple Canada Black Friday Sale. Here are last year’s savings:

  • iMac/MacBook Pro: Save $101
  • iPod nano: $11
  • iPod touch: $21
  • Apple TV: $21
  • Airport Extreme/Express: $11

The best deal is on the line of Macs and the $51 savings on the iPad. Also, be sure to stock up on accessories too as these things NEVER go on sale. This is the day to buy your Apple gifts!

Also, don’t forget to check out our updated 2010 Black Friday iPhone Deals Round Up! The best deal is the iPhone battery backup I’ve using since my iPhone 3G days:

RichardSolo 1800 iPhone Battery backup – $29.99 –> $16.47 with coupon code GIANTS; Buy 2 for a price of $14.00

What Apple products are you contemplating today?

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