Apple Canada’s iPhone 6 ‘Reserve and Pick Up’ Option Now ‘Currently Unavailable’

Back in mid-September Apple Canada brought back their online Reserve and Pick Up option for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This system allowed lucky customers to reserve their model and capacity of choice and then pick it up at their store of choice the following day and avoid waiting in tedious lines.

As of late last week, it appears Apple Canada has taken the Reserve and Pick Up option offline, as the page is no longer available and Apple’s retail page now mentions iPhone 6 is “Now available at the Apple Retail Store on a first-come, first-served basis.”

Screenshot 2014 11 23 21 49 57

Meanwhile, the existing Reservations page link now shows the following:

Screenshot 2014 11 23 21 21 33

There’s no explanation for the reservations page going offline. It could be an attempt to thwart scalpers looking to nab the rare iPhone 6 Plus or maybe there just isn’t enough stock on hand at the moment. However, recently online iPhone 6 shipping times started to improve ahead of the busy holiday season.

While the option may return, it has been down since last Thursday. Many of you have been using this live iPhone 6 reservations tracker to nab your model and capacity of choice, but now it seems that tool is useless until the page comes back online; no word on when that will happen.

One glimmer of hope that it may return is the reservations page for an international market such as Australia remains up and running.

Thanks Michael!