Apple Cash Card Switching Network to Visa, Still Not Available in Canada

As pointed out by Twitter user @Kanjo, updated images on Apple’s website show the Apple Cash virtual debit card is switching networks from Discover to Visa, MacRumors is reporting.

Apple cash visa hero

Ever since its launch, the Apple Cash virtual card has been operating on the Discover network through a partnership with Green Dot Bank. However, several Apple Cash virtual card images on Apple’s website have recently been swapped out for new ones displaying a Visa debit logo instead.

Apple cash visa watch

Here’s what the source has discovered so far:

It’s unclear whether Apple will be imminently transitioning existing Discover-based Apple Cash accounts to the Visa network, but in our testing it appears that new Apple Cash accounts are now being created with Visa.

If you currently have a Discover Apple Cash account, deactivating Apple Cash in Settings on your device and then reactivating it will generate a new Apple Cash Device Account Number on the Visa network.


As of today, there is still no word about the availability of Apple Cash virtual debit cards in Canada.

In February 2021, the ‘Apple Card’ and ‘Apple Cash’ trademarks were approved in Canada, giving hope that one day the card and Apple’s cash sending and receiving feature may debut here.