Apple Developing AirPort Utility iOS App For Network Management?

It was observed in earlier betas of iOS 5 that it is possible to set up a new AirPort Base Station or Time Capsule form within the iPhone or iPad operating system. But now, it looks like Apple is planning to release these features as a separate iOS app in the App Store. A Twitter user @SonnyDickson (via MacStories) has discovered a button named “Manage this Network” in the WiFi settings of iOS 5 GM. Tapping it asks users if they want to download AirPort Utility from the App Store. Tapping “Yes” launches an iTunes link which isn’t yet live on the AppStore. It is expected that this dedicated AirPort Utility app for iOS should be available in the App Store as early as next week when iOS 5 is made public.

According to the source:

Under Wi-Fi Networks, a new option reads “Set up an AirPort Base Station…” In setting up a Time Capsule, users are given the option to create a Wi-Fi network, complete with password, or “Do something different.” Selecting the latter option gives users the option to join an existing network, or to replace a base station. Users are also given appropriate error messages or details on how to fix any issues directly from the iOS Settings application.

It is however, still unclear whether the built-in basic Airport setup functionalities spotted in iOS 5 betas will continue to exist in the final release or they have all been moved to a separate downloadable AirPort Utility on App Store. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough!