Apple Allegedly Beginning to Cut Contract and Some Full-Time Recruiters

Citing a source familiar with the matter, VentureBeat reports that Apple has allegedly cut all of its contract recruiters during the past few weeks and also changed their incentive structure.

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Apple’s move could affect more than 100 people, as the company is also dropping some full-time recruiters. As of now, Apple has no public job listings for recruiters. According to the source cited by VentureBeat, the recruiting engine inside the company has slowed down for some reason and will undergo a re-evaluation.

“You always need to have something new coming out to justify hiring,” the source explained.

More bad news for recruiters: It’s becoming less attractive to recruit talent for Apple, as the game recruiters’ incentive – 40% of the new employee’s base salary – has changed to 10%–15%, and may even disappear completely, according to the same source.

Apple will report its second fiscal quarter earnings today. All eyes are on the company, as the consensus seems to be that it will report the first drop in sales and profits in over a decade.