Apple Has Doubled its Enterprise Market Share in 3 Years

According to a survey carried out by Dimensional Research, Apple seems to have doubled its slice of the enterprise market over the past three years, ComputerWorld reports. The survey, which will be published by JAMF Software tomorrow, reveals that the number of Apple products used in enterprise firms across the U.S. has reached new highs, “driven by the popularity of its solutions among employees”.

Apple enterprise

The report notes that in 2011, 67% of companies said Apple comprised under 10% of end user devices but now, 35% say a quarter of end user devices come from Cupertino. Over 60% of enterprises are found to support more than 100 Apple devices, while nearly 2 in 10 seem to support a thousand Apple devices or more. 6% of those surveyed support more than 5,000 Apple devices.

  • Nine out of 10 companies officially support Apple products — iPhones (91%), iPads (89%) and Mac computers (60%).
  • 98% percent of respondents expect the number of Apple devices to grow at their business by at least 25% percent in the next three years
  • 91% percent of respondents say Apple device setup and enablement requires IT involvement, meaning 20% percent of enterprises plan to hire more staff to handle Apple product implementation.

The publication also notes that 98% of those surveyed expect the number of Apple devices in enterprise to grow, out of which 30% believe growth will exceed 25% over the next 3 years.