Apple Products are Gaining Traction in the Enterprise Market: Report

After conquering the consumer market — the iPhone 6 topped the list of best-selling smartphones in April, according to Counterpoint (but that’s just one study; for hard numbers, it’s enough to take a look at its quarterly sales figures) — Apple is slowly but steadily gaining ground in the enterprise market. Earlier Good Technology reports have already revealed that enterprises turn to Apple products, but how do they use them? Tech Pro’s latest report is here to give us some answers.


After surveying 1,369 respondents in April, Tech Pro concluded that the halo effect works in the enterprise market as well, not just the consumer market. For example, 84% of companies started purchasing Apple devices or allowing employees to bring their own because someone in the company requested them or they wanted to give employees the freedom of choosing their preferred platform.


The result was positive: fewer calls to the IT department (say 32% of the respondents) and reduced tech training (say another 31%), while 23% of the respondents say using Apple products resulted in longer and cheaper upgrade cycles.

The potential for growth is huge: currently, Apple products account for less than 20% of the hardware budget at 66% of companies surveyed, and there is plenty of room for growth for Mac computers, as they are far behind in adoption, Tech Pro’s Jordan Golson concludes.