Apple Granted Patent For An Inductive Charging Dock

Last year, an interesting Apple patent revealed company’s plans to introduce wireless or inductive charging of iOS devices via a pair of headphones and now, another patent won by Apple points at an iOS docking station based on similar inductive charging concept, reports Patently Apple. In fact, the source believes that this new patent opens the door for “its release in the not-too-distant future”. Apple’s new patent details hardware such as an iPhone / iPad docking station, equipped with inductive charging circuits and wireless or optical data links.

According to the source:

Apple’s patent FIG. 12 illustrates a docking station that includes a reradiating antenna and an inductive charging circuit for inductively charging a handheld device. As shown, the dock housing is configured to receive a handheld device. While the dock housing is shown to receive the handheld device in an upright position, other dock housing configurations for receiving the handheld device along its other sides are also possible.

The dock housing is further configured to enable charging the battery of the handheld device through an inductive charge coupling mechanism, and to also provide improved wireless communication by integrating the reradiating antenna as shown. The charge circuit is connected between the inductive charge coupling mechanism and a port for receiving power.

Apple credits Victor Tiscareno, John Tang and Stephen Zadesky as the inventors of this patent which was originally filed in Q1 2008 and published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent notes application number 11/970,504.