Imgix Announces Support for Apple’s New HEIF Image Format


Apple will begin supporting the new HEIC/HEIF image formats with the public launch of iOS 11 and already, imgix has announced that it will be able to accept images in the HEIC file format and perform its full suite of real-time image processing operations on them (via MacDailyNews). For those who aren’t aware, imgix is a leading provider of on-demand image processing for websites and mobile apps.

“Images are today at the center of any user’s interaction with the internet. It is essential that they display correctly on every device, even as technology evolves and new formats are introduced,” said Chris Zacharias, imgix Co-founder and CEO in a press release. “For HEIC, we wanted to stay ahead of the curve and make it easy for our customers to accept images in the new format and display them with no extra work.”

HEIF or High Efficiency Image File Format was highlighted by Apple during the WWDC 2017 keynote, a format that reduces the file size of every photo taken with the iPhone.

The standard was developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) for storage and sharing of images and image sequences. It is based on the H.265 video format and provides advanced image compression that can result in significant file size savings on supported devices.

Apple will be the first major device maker to support HEIF natively.