Apple Helped Shut Down World’s Largest Torrent Site

A legal purchase from the iTunes Store brought troubles for the owners of the world’s biggest torrent site, KickassTorrents (KAT). As reported by TorrentFreak, the 30-year-old Ukrainian Artem Vaulin a.k.a “tirm”, the person who is suspected to be the owner of KAT, was arrested yesterday in Poland and charged for criminal copyright infringement and money laundering. The US now awaits his extradition.


The legal documents reveal that Apple has contributed to the investigation by handing over personal details of Vaulin after the investigator in charge of tracking down the people behind KAT linked the email address he discovered in the WHOIS lookup to an Apple ID. This one was allegedly used by Vaulin to operate KAT. This Apple ID appears to tie all the pieces together in the Vaulin copyright infringement case.

“Records provided by Apple showed that conducted an iTunes transaction using IP Address on or about July 31, 2015. The same IP Address was used on the same day to login into the KAT Facebook,” the complaint reads.

Vaulin now faces charges of illegally distributing “well over $1 billion of copyrighted materials” the legal document reads.

The and .TV domains will likely be seized by Verisign, while the main .CR domain and others will likely be seized as warrants will be issued and sent to the respective authorities.

You can read an in-depth coverage of the complaint on TorrentFreak by following this link.