Apple Hires Digital Licence Plate Engineer

Apple has hired an engineer with experience of digital licence plates, among other hires with automotive experience, Electrek has discovered.

Rónán Ó Braonáin

Rónán Ó Braonáin joined Apple as “Secret Agent” after serving as the Director of Engineering at Reviver for five months, according to his LinkedIn profile. What makes Reviver particularly interesting is that it’s a startup working on the world’s first digital licence plate.

Prior to joining Reviver, Braonáin was the Chief Technology Officer at Vision Fleet, a company specialized in electric vehicle fleet management software and financing to business. Following that, Braonáin joined BMW as a software engineer, where he worked for five years.

The Digital licence plate is a somewhat new concept that could save millions of dollars in administrative costs related to car registrations, having the potential to reduce the workload of the DVM, and possibly automate tolls and parking fees.

Since Braonáin worked for Reviver for only five months, it remains a mystery whether Apple was interested in him because of his experience in digital licence plate technology or something else it is considering implementing in the rumoured Apple Car.

Meanwhile, rumour has it Apple may complete the alleged Apple Car by 2019, and will likely make further hires as the whole project evolves.