Apple Hires Experts From Consulting Firm Silicon Valley Data Science



Apple has hired a new team of experts from data consulting firm Silicon Valley Data Science, who will help the company with its efforts in using data to improve its products, Bloomberg is reporting. The California-based startup provides data analysis to larger companies to improve their forecasts, operational efficiency, and customer relationships.

“About 20 data scientists from the firm joined Apple, according to their LinkedIn profiles. They’re working on analytics for ad-related initiatives, which may include optimizing App Store ads.”

Apple has officially acknowledged that a few dozen employees from Silicon Valley Data Science have joined the company. The company’s founder and CEO Sanjay Mathur has also joined the tech giant as part of the move. According to his LinkedIn profile, he now leads “strategy and analytics initiatives for a group at Apple”.

Earlier this month, Apple revealed that it has acquired Vancoucer-based startup Buddybuild, a service for App Store developers to test and update their applications.