Apple Has Reportedly Ordered Millimeter Wave Antennas for ‘iPhone 13’

A company called ‘Qiqi’ is said to have received a large order for millimeter-wave antennas for the ‘iPhone 13’ from Apple, signaling the expansion of this technology to more iPhone models in North America this year, Patently Apple is reporting.

Mmwave feature

Citing a supply chain report out of Taiwan, the source claims that the Wistron Group has invested in Netcom company Qiqi and that it has now entered the iPhone supply chain for millimeter-wave antennas for the first time, sharing with Japanese electronics giant Murata Manufacturing Co. this year.

Apple’s latest order of millimeter-wave antennas for the ‘iPhone 13’ series is also the first time a Taiwanese manufacturer has supplied Apple’s antenna-related items that are critical to the quality of iPhone reception.

“The millimeter-wave iPhone antenna design is more complicated. Qiqi has been working in the millimeter-wave field for many years, so Apple has come to cooperate with Qiqi.

An authoritative source said that compared to the current global 5G mainstream Sub 6, millimeter-wave can also reflect the characteristics of 5G ultra-high speed, low latency, and wide connection. It is known as the “true 5G,” which is making Apple actively invest.”

Apple is expected to significantly improve millimeter-waves with its next-generation ‘iPhone 13’ series.