Apple Held Off ‌M1‌ ‌Mac Pro Release for “‌M2‌ Extreme” Chip Says Gurman

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has today revealed in an interview with YouTuber Max Tech that a Mac Pro with M1 Apple silicon was ready to ship and launch to customers “months ago” (via MacRumors).

2019 mac pro side and front

Gurman continued that Apple decided to hold off on the release to wait for the “M2 Extreme” chip coming out later this year.

According to Gurman, Apple wants to release a more high-end and powerful version of the Mac Pro with the ” M2 Extreme” chipset. He predicts that a preview of the high-end Apple silicon Mac Pro will happen later this year with a launch in early 2023.

Gurman said that Apple had originally planned to announce the Mac Pro during this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

During the interview, Gurman also noted that a redesigned Mac mini is unlikely to be released anytime soon. He instead expects a spec bump to the M2 chip in a possible Mac mini refresh this year.

You can watch the entire interview below.