Two Hilarious Apple Mac Pro Parodies You Have to See [VIDEO]

Last Friday Apple uploaded its Mac Pro Cinema ad trailer it first debuted at 2013 WWDC to its YouTube channel. The Mac Pro is set to arrive this fall and it marks a new design for Apple’s professional desktop computer.

The new cylindrical shape is different and that has resulted in people having some fun mocking the unique design. Below are a couple funny parody videos worth checking out. The first one is called “My New Mac Pro”:

The day Aaron received the first 2013 Mac Pro.
We were there when Aaron received his new 2013 Mac Pro. We were also there when his girlfriend, family, and friends discovered it … We just had to share!

Next, we have a parody of Apple’s official Mac Pro Cinema ad trailer, what the company calls “the future of the pro desktop.”

Here’s the original for your reference:

What did you think of these parodies? Who’s buying a Mac Pro this fall?