Apple Working on MagSafe-to-USB-C Adapter for MacBooks

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A newly published Apple patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has revealed that the Cupertino giant is working on a MagSafe-to-USB-C adapter, which would add magnetic charging functionality to the latest MacBook Pros. According to Mashable, Apple may create a bunch of different MagSafe adapters with different male-end plugs such as Lightning and micro USB for devices like iPhones and Android phones.

“Embodiments of the present invention may provide adapters that may connect to connector receptacles on various types of devices, such as portable computing devices, tablet computers, desktop computers, laptops, all-in-one computers, wearable computing devices, cell phones, smart phones, media phones, storage devices, portable media players, navigation systems, monitors, power supplies, adapters, remote control devices, chargers, and other devices.”

This means that Apple’s MagSafe-to-USB-C adapter wouldn’t be limited to its notebooks, since the patent lists a slew of potential uses for the dongle. Although It’s not a great or elegant solution, it could still save your MacBook from damage, thanks to its ability to gently break away when tugged or tripped over.

But just like every patent, its not yet confirmed when and if such an adapter will ever be actually produced by Apple. To learn more, hit up this link.