Apple Maps and Google Maps Make it Easier to Search for Groceries and More During COVID-19

Both Apple and Google have slightly tweaked their respective maps applications to make it faster for users to search for groceries, takeout and more during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple Maps has adjusted the priorities of categories when you hit up the search, as spotted by

As you can see below, the top default category for Apple Maps in Canada, when you want to search nearby is Groceries, followed by Food Delivery, Pharmacies, Hospitals and Urgent Care. With most restaurants closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been pushed further down the list:

Apple maps groceries

Within Google Maps, underneath the ‘Search here’ bar, there are one-tap shortcuts to find Takeaway, Delivery and Gas first, followed by Groceries, Pharmacies, Coffee and Hotels.

For example, if you tap Takeway (you mean take-out, Google?), you’ll instantly see a list of results in your area for places to order from (such as Mariner Pizza in Sidney, B.C., which recently implemented contactless delivery and pick up; get the Cinnastix and thank me later).

Google maps takeaway

Google Maps also takes searches one step further than Apple Maps, by telling people to “verify info with places” and “hours or services may differ due to COVID-19”. Apple Maps, which is inferior to Google Maps (#dontatme), doesn’t do this. Google Maps can also tell you how busy places are along with popular times.

It can be an absolute madhouse when shopping for groceries during COVID-19. To reduce the amount of time on your phone searching for places and times is always a welcome addition.