Apple Maps Launches Native Ratings and Photos Feature in Canada and Beyond

Apple maps ratings photos 1

Apple Maps has expanded its ratings and photos feature to Canada, which means users can now rate their favourite restaurants, coffee shops, and more. Upon opening Apple Maps in iOS 14, a new “Introducing Ratings and Photos” splash screen appears.

Apple says you can now ‘Improve the Map’, as you can “rate places you visit and share photos to help others.” The feature also leverages Siri Suggestions, as Apple says “Maps uses your on-device location history and photo library to suggest contributions.”

This native rating feature means Apple Maps no longer is relying on third-party services such as Yelp for reviews of points of interest. Yelp reviews were generally terrible and outdated.

When you search for a point of interest, you’ll now see the option to give a thumbs up or thumbs down. For the newly-opened Gray’s Cafe (the owners of Toast Cafe are back) in Sidney, B.C., for example, rating categories include ‘Overall’, ‘Food & Drink’, ‘Customer Service’ and ‘Atmosphere’. You can upload a photo if you wish, and once your rating is complete the point of interest will show a “You recommended” tag.

Apple maps ratings photos 2

The native Apple Maps ratings and photos feature has been available in other countries such as Australia for a while, but this week Canada and the U.S. were added, joining numerous nations in South America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Check out the full list of supported countries with this Apple Maps feature below:

The United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico

  • Canada, English
  • Canada, français
  • United States, English

Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Argentina, Español
  • Bolivia, Español
  • Colombia, Español
  • Guatemala, Español
  • Honduras, Español
  • Jamaica, English
  • México, Español
  • Paraguay, Español
  • Peru, Español
  • Asia Pacific
  • Australia, English
  • Hong Kong, English
  • Kazakhstan, English
  • Қазақстан, Қазақ
  • Казахстан, русский
  • Laos, English
  • Malaysia, English
  • Mongolia, English
  • Myanmaar, English
  • New Zealand, English
  • Singapore, English
  • Uzbekistan, English
  • Узбекистан, русский
  • 日本, 日本語
  • 台灣, 繁體中文


  • Albania, English
  • Albania, Shqiptar
  • Armenia, English
  • Belarus, English
  • België, Nederlands
  • Belgique, français
  • Česko, Čeština
  • Cyprus, English
  • Danmark, dansk
  • Eest, Eestlane
  • España, Español
  • Georgia, English
  • Hrvatska, hrvatski
  • Hungary, English
  • Ireland, English
  • Italia, italiano
  • Kıbrıs, Türk
  • Latvija, latviešu
  • Lietuva, lietuviškai
  • Luxembourg, français
  • Malta, English
  • Nederland, Nederlands
  • Österreich, deutsch
  • Polska, polski
  • Portugal, português
  • România, română
  • Schweiz, deutsch
  • Serbia, English
  • Slovenija, slovenščina
  • Slovensko, slovensky
  • Suisse, français
  • Suomi, suomi
  • Sverige, svenska
  • Ukraine, English
  • United Kingdom, English
  • Ελλάδα, Ελληνικά
  • Κύπρος, ελληνικά
  • Беларусь, русский
  • България, български
  • Україна, українська
  • Հայաստան, հայերեն

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