Apple Music Gets New Alternate Album Versions Sorting Feature

As pointed out by MacStores, Apple has introduced a new method of sorting alternate album versions in Apple Music in an effort to make it easy for users to find the exact album version they’re looking for.

When an album has any alternate album versions available, Apple Music now lists them in a dedicated ‘Other Versions’ section underneath the album’s tracklist. Apparently, the feature is a long-time carryover from Beats Music which intuitively handled any album variations.

For example, if you view the Death Cab for Cutie artist page in Apple Music, you’ll see Transatlanticism as one of the group’s albums, but only one version of it so as to prevent unnecessary cluttering of the album list. Open that album, however, and you’ll see the Other Versions section containing the Demos and 10th Anniversary versions.

Well, looks like Apple has finally solved the problem of having its artist pages congested by alternate versions of the same album.