Apple Music ‘Replay 2022’ Personal Playlists Now Available

The “Replay 2022” playlist is now available for Apple Music listeners.

Apple has released its Apple Music “Replay 2022” playlist that correlates your most streamed songs, albums and artists of the year and puts them into one playlist, which is updated each week to show the new tracks you frequently play, and to remove others which don’t make it into your top 100 list.

The playlist updates weekly, and it gets less fun as time goes on and your list of favourite tracks solidifies; on the other hand, it’s cool that it’s available pretty much all year round, according to 9to5Mac.

“Replay 2022” is Apple’s take on Spotify’s viral “Spotify Wrapped,” which similarly shows users a compilation of their listening data.

Since 2020, Apple has been offering its annual Replay playlists in mid-February, the company’s only offering in terms of annual statistical summaries. Spotify Wrapped has dominated this segment of the music streaming business for several years, thanks largely to an easy-to-share infographic it launched in early December.

Apple Music users can see the “Replay 2022” feature in two different places: Either open Apple Music on your phone, switch to “Listen Now” and scroll to the bottom, or go to the web version at

The phone version basically consists of an ever-updating playlist of your 100 most popular tracks on Apple Music, while the web version also lists most streamed artists and albums, with some additional statistics.