Apple Music Rolls Out its Own “Top 100” Music Charts

As pointed out by a RollingStone report, Apple Music is rolling out its own “Top 100” music charts showcasing both country-based charts and the top songs globally. Apple has added 116 charts to the service today for users on iOS 12 beta and macOS Mojave beta including one global chart and one more for each country where Apple Music is available.

Apple music

The charts display the top-streamed songs on Apple Music and are refreshed on a regular basis. The charts, which are updated daily at 12 a.m. PST, are grouped together under the platform’s “Browse” tab and have a similar visual appearance to that of playlists or albums.

Apple Music subscribers can add these charts to their libraries and can also download them for listening offline. 

The new Top 100 charts, which have been offered by Apple Music’s biggest competitor Spotify for many years, deliver an added layer of discovery to the music streaming service and provides subscribers with another way to curate their playlists around what’s popular in their country.