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Find Out How Well Apple’s New Mac Pro Can Grate Cheese [VIDEO]

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In order to find out how well Apple’s new $6,000-plus Mac Pro’s air vents can grate cheese, YouTuber Winston Moy machined a replica of the new Mac Pro chassis and turned hard cheeses into shredded bits for garnishing his pasta (via The Verge).

Mac pro 1

While Moy’s video confirms the new Mac Pro doesn’t do a great job at grating cheese, it does show the level of detail Apple has put into machining the Mac Pro grates.

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The new Mac Pro is expected to start shipping this fall at a starting price of US $5,999. However, should you choose to order a maxed-out machine, it is going to cost you approximately $60,417 CAD. finally started to list the Mac Pro as ‘coming this fall’.

In the meantime, check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section…

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