Apple: No Problems With iOS 4 On iPhone 3GS

This week, the discussion boards at Apple’s online support site have seen an increasing number of users posting problems regarding iOS 4 on the iPhone 3GS.

Despite the public outcry, Apple claims it has not received any reports of problems with iOS 4 on iPhone 3GS. However, after updating to iOS 4, some iPhone 3GS owners have reported issues with MMS, signal strength, dropped calls, and random reboots/freezing.

With the widespread reports of poor reception on iPhone 4 and major performance problems with iOS 4 on iPhone 3G, the latter of which has been identified by Apple, the iPhone 3GS problems seem to be a lower priority for Apple.

The next iOS update, version 4.1, is highly anticipated by iDevice owners. iOS 4.1 is expected to fix the performance problems on iPhone 3G, various sensor problems on iPhone 4, and the various device problems listed above for iPhone 3GS.

Do you have an iPhone 3GS? Is your iPhone 3GS experiencing any problems after updating to iOS 4?

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