Apple Offers Discount on Hachette Pre-Orders As Amazon Dispute Continues


According to a report from Re/code, Apple has started to offer discounts on ebooks from Hachette Book Group. The Hachette Book Group is the publisher that is currently in a dispute with Amazon.

Apple is promoting the sale under a “Popular Pre-Orders: $9.99 or Less” section in the iBookstore. The sale includes books from authors like ames Patterson, Michael Connelly, and J.K. Rowling. 

The company did not mention the sale, however every title under that section in the iBookstore is a Hachette title. A PR representative from Apple confirmed the promotion, Re/code said:

An Apple PR rep confirmed the promotion, but wouldn’t discuss the pricing or any other details. So we have to assume that either Hachette is lowering wholesale prices on its own titles to help Apple tweak Amazon, or Apple is lowering the retail price on its own, and losing margin in order to tweak Amazon.

For the past month, Amazon and Hachette have been at war after profit-sharing negotiations failed. Amazon has since refused to take pre-order sales of Hachette titles. 

In May, Amazon released a statement saying that they were not optimistic about resolving the issue with Hachette in the near future. This means that Amazon customers will have to pay extra to pre-order the ebooks.