Apple Officially Owns, Service Ready To Go Live

20110601-114510.jpgWith Apple’s announcement, speculation has gone rampant about what the cloud service will offer.

Recent rumors have pointed to iCloud being a music service that enables users to stream content from the web to any Mac, PC or iOS device. Other rumors have instead speculated that iCloud is the next evolution of MobileMe, to be fully integrated in the next version of Apple’s operating system, Mac OS X Lion.

While the features of iCloud are all speculation until next week, it seems that is active in some capacity, redirecting to Apple has registered and owns the domain and the actual site is currently active with the “CloudMe” file storage service, run by Xcerion.

The site, in its current form, is not Apple-esque, with imagery of a few non-Apple products and services and no Apple branding. However, this could be a placeholder website, or the redirect will be changed, for the impending launch of iCloud next week.

What do you think iCloud will offer?