Apple Orders 200 Million iPhone 6 Units for 2015 [Rumour]

Apple is preparing for a new year of record iPhone sales, as it has given suppliers orders for 200 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units for next year. This complements the initial order of 80 million units placed for this year, according to sources speaking with CCStock.



Speaking with Securities Daily, iSuppli research director of China Wang Yang revealed that about 80% of the iPhone orders will be produced by Foxconn, while the remaining 20% will be produced by another partner, Pegatron. However, all iPhone 6 Plus orders are processed by Foxconn, Wang Yang says.

As the Wall Street Journal reported earlier, Foxconn is struggling to meet the high demand for Apple’s new iPhones. Last year, the company proudly highlighted that its daily output of iPhone 5s units was 500,000.

This year, they have managed to raise the bar even higher, to 540,000 per day: of those, 400,000 are iPhone 6, and 140,000 are iPhone 6 Plus units.

If the rumours are correct, Apple projects a total sale of 280 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units for fiscal 2015, thus inching closer to the 1 billion iPhones milestone.