Apple Begins Offering Paid Online Support for Out-of-Warranty Products

Last month, we reported that Apple will begin charging users that are seeking online chat support for products that are no longer covered under warranty. According to 9to5Mac, Apple has now started offering paid online chat support for out-of-warranty products to its customers, while also introducing a new “Here to Help” training program for AppleCare employees to improve the overall support experience.

Applecare support

The new program was originally set to launch earlier this month but Apple has reportedly been having difficulties with a new payment system it developed for the online chat feature. As shown in the image above, the source confirmed through a chat support representative that the system goes live today, even though the company is still experiencing issues with the Pay Per incident feature. Below is the new support program’s explanation from Apple support:

“How it will work is I will be able to send you a link in our Chat that you would be able to follow. From that link you will then be taken to an Apple website that will allow you to put int your Credit Card information to make the payment. Afterwards it will update in my system showing me that you have payed for the coverage and that you’re now eligible for support… That is actually where we are having a bit of trouble today, in sending the link as it is now showing up as it should. Once it is working properly however it is a very simple process.”

Until Apple gets its payment system sorted out, it is quite possible that you’ll be able to get support online for your out-of-warranty products without any payment.