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Apple’s Patent Application Shows a Unique Wireless Power Transfer System

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A couple of patent applications from Apple published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) have revealed a wireless power transfer system featuring a unique scheduling system, that allows a user to set up wireless power transfers in a particular order, such as charging the iPhone first, followed by the iPad and then the Apple Watch (via Patenly Apple).

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Apple’s wireless power charging and transmission patents describe a system that is “configured to wirelessly transmit power over the wireless power transfer link”.

One patent notes that the invention covers a system may have a power adapter with multiple ports for supplying power to respective electronic devices, whereas the second patent details a system in which a wireless power transmitting device may transmit power wirelessly to a wireless power receiving device.

A charger in the wireless power receiving device may charge a battery in the device using the rectified voltage. When it is desired to convey information to the wireless power transmitting device, the wireless power transmitting device may pause transmission of wireless power and the wireless power receiving device may modulate transistors in the rectifier, thereby transmitting data in band to wireless power transmitting device.

As an example, a user may specify that the user’s watch should always be charged before the user’s tablet computer, regardless of the state of charge on the watch or tablet.

It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that Apple will also update its ‘Smart Battery Case’ in the near future to receive wireless power transfers from a wireless charger.

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