Apple Patents Process to Bring Scratch-Resistant Mirror-Like Finish to iPhone

According to a new report from CNBC, Apple has patented a new process to create a scratch-resistant mirror-like finish on the iPhone 8. The patent depicts an “optically reflective layer” that makes for a metallic casing for smartphones.

Just like most patents, this one is very vague when it comes to where and how Apple will be using the technology. Nevertheless, the patent explains the process of combining a reflective layer with a translucent layer to give a mirror-like finish.

The process will not only allow the iPhone case to be smooth and continuous, but it will also be strong and resistant to scratching. It will also allow Apple to remove all antenna lines, since it only gives an appearance of anodized metal and does not block network signals.

Today’s report comes following reports over the weekend which claimed that the iPhone 8 will come in four colour choices, including a new mirror-like option that resembles old iPods.