Apple Pay Now Supports Cards that Make Up 90% of U.S. Credit Card Purchases

Apple has revealed to the New York Times Apple Pay now supports credit cards that make up 90% of credit card purchases in the U.S., a pretty significant achievement since its launch this fall:

The new companies that recently agreed to work with the service include SunTrust, Barclaycard and USAA. Ten more banks, including TD Bank North America and Commerce Bank, will back the new form of payment on Tuesday. With the new additions, Apple says it supports the cards that represent about 90 percent of the credit card purchase volume in the United States.

New retailers that now support Apple Pay include 1,400 Staples locations, grocers Winn-Dixie and Albertsons. This Friday, the arena of the Orlando Magic, Amway Center, will also accept Apple Pay at its concessions.

Yesterday it was rumoured the American subsidiary of TD Bank would support Apple Pay today and the New York Times has confirmed the report.

As Apple Pay gains momentum with each passing month, competitors are trying to create rival payment systems, such as Samsung, which has been rumoured to be in talks with LoopPay.

There’s no word when Apple Pay will expand internationally and reach markets such as Canada, but TD Bank’s CIO previously stated the system is “at least a year away”, while IDC has similarly predicted the mobile payment system will debut in 2015.