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How Apple Pencil Changed Rapha’s Cycling Apparel Design Workflow [VIDEO]

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Utilitarian clothing company Rapha, that focuses on design to make cycle clothing stylish, has observed a significant improvement in their design workflow, thanks to the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. Not only has Rapha’s head of design Alex Valdman become a big Apple Pencil advocate, but also Apple has produced a short film about Valdman and Rapha, showing how a peripheral device can affect the workflows of non-tech companies (via TechCrunch).

Raphae28093alex valdman

Most of Rapha’s items are produced in the U.K. and Italy, which is why it isn’t the cheapest brand for cycle clothing. Their clothes are colourful with minimalistic designs that respect the tradition and heritage of decades of cycle clothing. “Before iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, I had so many notebooks floating around,” Rapha’s head of design said. “One in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, work, totes, back packs, a mini one in my wallet. You get the picture. Always a notebook at arms reach.”

But Valdman’s workflow changed quite a lot with the iPad Pro. Like any other computer, it’s much easier to share a drawing once it’s just a file on your iPad Pro or laptop. Valdman went one step further and ditched all of his notebooks even for the very early sketches.

“There’s only one object that can help me get that organized, communicate creative and fit into a Musette bag. iPad Pro puts your entire life in the palm of your hand.”

Watch the video below for an inside look at Rapha, shot on iPhone with support from Apple:

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