Apple Posts Job Listing For HSPA+ iPhone, LTE Considered

With Apple’s attention fixed on the iPad, the iPhone hasn’t received a lot of rumor love lately. Today however may signal the start of the iPhone rumor mill.

This week, Apple has posted a job listing that indicates plans to focus on HSPA+ and LTE cellular technology. The job posting looks for a “Cellular Technology Software Manager” that would implement cellular technology such as existing UMTS/CDMA and HSPA but also HSPA+ and LTE (4G).

The Cellular Technology Manager will manage the cellular protocol software team, responsible for the design, implementation and integration of layer 1-3 protocols for iPhone. The position will be responsible for ensuring appropriate cellular technology development and execution, KPI performances and interoperability of cellular technology on various platforms, R&D of new protocol and standards, as well as working with cross-functional teams to deliver the best customer experience on Cellular.

The role will require the following skills:

Expert knowledge of one or multiple cellular technologies: WCDMA/UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, LTE etc.
Understand the development cycle of phone, IOT, and certification process and carrier approval process
Experience in 3GPP/3GPP2 industry groups

The current iPhone 3GS runs up to 7.2Mbps but HSPA+ technology
would give future iPhones speeds of up to 21Mbps. LTE would further boost that to 100Mbps, however current Canadian wireless networks top out at 21Mbps.

Due to the time frame of the job posting in relation to the release of a new iPhone this summer 2010, LTE is highly unlikely to be available in a new device. However, HSPA+ may be more likely to show up in a new iPhone this summer.