Apple Tells Shareholders it is Committed to Raising Annual Dividend

Apple is committed to raising its dividend annually, said Tim Cook today at the annual shareholder meeting, reports Reuters. This move signals two things, the news outlet suggests: (1) Apple aims to please its shareholders, and (2) AAPL may no longer be a growth stock.

Cook hero

There were four shareholder proposals on the table, including one that pushed to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and another to cease business in countries that commit human rights violations, but none of them garnered enough support to pass.

Apple’s board of directors was re-elected, however (via AppleInsider).

During the meeting, the Apple CEO emphasized once again the company’s commitment to privacy and commented on the ongoing legal battle with the FBI, saying that the fight with the US government “doesn’t scare us.”

Yesterday Apple filed a motion asking the federal court to reverse the order it issued last week demanding that the company develop software – what Apple calls Government OS – to weaken the security level of iOS and allow the FBI to open the handset belonging to one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino shooting.

Apple is arguing that the court order violates free-speech rights, overrides the will of Congress, and jeopardizes the security of other Apple devices.