Apple Releases New Developer Tools to Display More User Subscription Details

On Tuesday, Apple announced the launch of server notifications and enhanced receipts for subscriptions, This includes auto-renewable subscriptions, tools that provide actionable information for retaining paying users.

The new set of tools allows app makers to engage customers with customized in-app messages. By setting up a Subscription Status URL in iTunes Connect, developers will be furnished with information and notifications regarding auto-renew status, auto-renew preference, subscription price consent status, subscription retries, expiration intent and cancellation reason.

Collectively, the data can be used to identify any dips in the number of active subscriptions and can help determine what actions to take. For example, when a user cancels their subscription, details of the transaction are sent server-side to app makers. Developers can use the information to tailor custom message for display in their app.

The new toolset also provides notifications relating to potential billing problems. The subscription retry flag, for example, lets developers know if a customer subscription was not renewed because the App Store was unable to complete the transaction.